2016 Best Places for Physicians and Surgeons

Demand for doctors across the country is high – especially for primary care physicians – and many hospitals and practices are paying well to draw top talent to their ranks.

According to a survey from physician recruiting firm Merritt Hawkins, more than 60% of final-year medical residents in 2014 said they received more than 50 job solicitations during their training.

Before they start thinking about apartment hunting or answering those tricky interview questions, med school grads should put some thought into where they’ll start off their careers. Small town or big city? Maybe something in between?

GoodCall analysts put together rankings of the best small towns, small cities and large cities for physicians and surgeons based on five metrics: average doctor salary, job availability and competition, number of hospitals per capita, number of amenities per capita, and housing affordability.

Here’s a look at the top ranking areas:

Click here for a full list of the top ranking areas overall



GoodCall analyzed 592 statistical areas across the country to come up with an overall score based on salaries for physicians and surgeons, job availability and competition, the number of hospitals and amenities in the area and housing affordability:

• Salary data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that reflects average salaries for physicians and surgeons as compared to the average salary in each area accounted for 25% of the GoodCall score.

• Job availability was judged as a ratio of current open positions to total number of physician and surgeon jobs in each area, based on job postings from Indeed. Job competition was determined from the number of resumes submitted on Indeed per job posting. These two factors combined account for 25% of the final score.

• The total number of hospitals per capita in the area accounted for 20% of the score. This data is from U.S. Census Bureau.

• Amenities, such as arts centers, restaurants, and entertainment venues, calculated per 1,000 people, make up 20% of the score. Data comes from the U.S. Census American Fact Finder.

• The housing affordability index, calculated as a percentage of rent versus average salary, accounted for 10% of the GoodCall analyst score. The index is based on figures from the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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