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  • First responders load a patient on a stretcher into an ambulance. With the stress of the job, it's important for workers to find the best cities for first responders.

    2017 Best Cities for First Responders

    Towns with populations of less than 100,000 tend to be great places for police and sheriff officers, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians, according to data compiled by GoodCall® analysts. First responders have difficult jobs. They’re often called to action at odd hours, often to help a resident at the worst possible time. There’s also a […]

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  • A teacher sits with her students in a classroom of young boys and girls drawing on one large piece of paper.

    2017 Best Cities for K-12 Teachers

    The school year is coming to an end at most kindergarten-12th grade schools, and many districts across the country are in the process of determining staffing plans for the coming year. That means the time is right for teachers to find a job in a new area. A recent analysis from GoodCall shows that many […]

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  • An older male engineer trains three interns on how to use equipment in a factory. GoodCall analysts identified the best cities

    2017 Best Cities for Summer Internships

    Landing an internship is one of the best ways to get a head start on your career. In fact, a recent study from iCIMS showed that 70% of employers and recruiters say an internship is more important than a high GPA on a new grad’s resume. But some places are definitely better than others when […]

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  • Best Cities for Seniors to Retire

    2017 Best Cities for Seniors to Retire

    When it comes time to retire, think small and look outside the typical destinations for settling down. That’s a takeaway from the data crunched by GoodCall’s analysts, who reviewed 1,662 cities and towns in the U.S. and ranked them as the 2017 Best Cities for Seniors to Retire. The top 10 best cities for seniors […]

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  • BuildForeverhome2

    2017 Best Cities to Build a Forever Home

    Whether you’re planning to buy or build your dream home, Texas is probably a smart place to look. Earlier this year, GoodCall® analysts brought you the Best Cities to Buy a Forever Home. But that list, which featured a lot of cities in Texas, raised the question: What if you are looking for a place […]

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  • Image shows an engineer sitting at a desk with blueprints, a computer, and a model of wind turbines. Text reads "2017 Best Cities for a Green Career."

    2017 Best Cities for a Green Career

    State capitals and centers of technology are among the best places in the country for people looking for an environmentally focused, green job. GoodCall® analysts reviewed data from 192 U.S. cities to determine the 2017 Best Cities for a Green Career. Rankings were based on the number of jobs posted online per capita, cost of […]

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  • 2017 Universities for Adjunct Professors

    2017 Best Universities for Adjunct Professors

    These top universities offer the best pay in areas that are affordable. Life as an adjunct professor can be a rough one – especially for those who aim to make that their sole profession. A 2014 study from the House Committee on Education and the Workforce highlighted the challenges adjunct professors face, including low wages, […]

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  • An infographic shows a dream bubble with text inside that lists the top 10 Overlooked Dream Cities.

    2017 Overlooked Dream Cities

    Most people think big when they imagine moving to their dream city. These are some alternatives you might like better. New York. Seattle. Los Angeles. Portland. Austin. Denver. Most people have one of those big, hip places in mind when they think of “dream cities.” What is it that makes those cities stand out? They’re […]

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  • A graphic shows a padlock sitting on a laptop computer. The text reads "2017 Best Cities for Cybersecurity Professionals."

    2017 Best Cities for Cybersecurity Professionals

    It’s a good time to be working in cybersecurity. As hackers continue their onslaught, stealing information in sectors ranging from health care to retail sales, businesses will need experts in digital security to fight back. In the first half of 2016, more than 554 million records were breached – a 31% increase over the previous […]

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  • A graphic shows the top 10 places to buy a forever home list with points marked on a map of the U.S.

    2017 Best Places to Buy a Forever Home

    Texas is the place to go if you’re looking to settle in for the long haul. GoodCall® analysts crunched several metrics from 509 cities nationwide to determine the Best Places to Buy a Forever Home. Six of the top 10 are cities in the Lone Star State. California and Colorado also had several cities near […]

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