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Email | Twitter | LinkedIn Paul is a High Point University graduate with a B.S. in Business and a B.A. in Strategic Communication. GoodCall's resident numbers guy, Paul is a digital marketing expert who has been working in data analysis for more than 3 years. Paul contributes to GoodCall News with original data and reports.

  • Let me just write this down

    2015’s Best Cities for Black Entrepreneurs

    OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE With the economy steadily improving, now is as good a time as any to make the leap into entrepreneurship. And while we’ve already looked at the best places for women entrepreneurs, we wanted to find the best, most supportive environments for another group that’s growing yet often under-represented when it comes to […]

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  • A road stretches through fields into the distance in Iowa.

    2015’s Best States for College Preparation

    More and more students are going to college. But, according to recent studies, they’re not always ready for it when they get there. A 2014 survey, conducted for the Washington-based nonprofit Achieve, asked high school graduates from the classes of 2011-2014 about their perceived levels of preparedness for higher education and the real world. The […]

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  • Skyline of Houston, Texas in daytime under blue sky

    2015’s Best Cities for Women Entrepreneurs

    [Please visit the 2016 Best Places for Women Entrepreneurs for the latest rankings] With the growth of women-owned businesses on the rise throughout the country, it’s never been a better time to be a woman entrepreneur. That’s why we put together these rankings for 2015’s Best U.S. Cities for Women Entrepreneurs. In this report, we […]

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  • Adult female therapist guiding young girl in speech therapy for a therapy exercise

    The Best States for Speech Pathologists

    Speech pathologists, sometimes called speech therapists, help diagnose and treat patients who have conditions that affect their ability to speak and/or swallow. That includes patients who have suffered strokes, brain injuries, hearing loss, developmental delays, cerebral palsy, and even emotional problems. Speech pathologists can also work with people who are trying to learn a new […]

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  • Hispanic boy with Down Syndrome sits cross legged on the floor and reaches for toys. His female Hispanic young adult teacher sits on the floor with him and reaches for a different toy.

    The Best States for Elementary Special Education Teachers

    We know that teaching is one of the most demanding professions out there. However, it’s also one of the most fulfilling. According to an April 2015 survey by the University of Phoenix, nearly 9 in 10 teachers (88%) are satisfied with their jobs, while 68% would recommend teaching as a career to others. The main […]

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  • Lake Michigan with reflections fills the foreground leading back to the skycrapers of Milwaukee skyline , Wisconsin

    The Best Places in the U.S. for Physicians and Surgeons

    UPDATE: See the updated rankings for 2016 here:¬† At GoodCall, we talk a lot about the economic health of communities – jobs, cost of living, housing affordability and more. But the physical health of a city or town can be just as significant. And that’s what makes doctors such an important part of any community. […]

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  • With the snow covered Longs Peak part of the Rocky Mountains and the iconic flatirons of Boulder in the background, Downtown Denver skyscrapers including the iconic "mailbox" or "cash register" building as well as hotels, office buildings and apartment buildings fill the skyline.

    2015’s Best Metro Areas for Real Estate Agents

    We’ve written a lot lately about the best places for professionals to live and work. But what about the professionals who help those people find places to live? That’s right – real estate agents. Though the housing market isn’t rebounding as quickly as many professionals had hoped – homebuilder sentiment dropped 2 points from April […]

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  • Manhattan downtown skyline with illuminated Empire State Building and skyscrapers at sunset.

    The Best Large Metro Areas for Law School Graduates

    Update: We recently released¬†our updated 2016 list of Best Places for Law School Graduates. A few weeks ago, we ranked the best small cities for recent law school graduates, ranking metro- and micropolitan areas with populations under 100,000 based on average lawyer salaries, cost of living, employment and more. At the top of the list? […]

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  • Two male paramedics loading equipment into back of ambulance.

    2015’s Best Places for EMTs and Paramedics

    Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics don’t always get the same recognition as doctors and nurses. But they’re an equally important part of the medical field, especially in emergency situations. EMTs and paramedics save lives in high-pressure environments, responding to emergency calls, performing medical services at the scene and transporting patients quickly and safely to […]

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  • A female police officer getting out of her patrol car. She is smiling, looking at the camera, leaning one arm on the open door of the vehicle. The lights are on.

    The Best Places for Law Enforcement Officers

    The strength of a community is often measured by the quality of its local law enforcement officers. However, a career as a law enforcement officer has long been considered one of the most stressful in the world. Officers deal with incredibly intense situations, shoulder huge personal responsibility, and face the potential for danger every day […]

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