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Email | Twitter | LinkedIn Paul is a High Point University graduate with a B.S. in Business and a B.A. in Strategic Communication. GoodCall's resident numbers guy, Paul is a digital marketing expert who has been working in data analysis for more than 3 years. Paul contributes to GoodCall News with original data and reports.

  • Lawyer in the law library at the university.

    The Best Small Cities for Law School Graduates

    Update: We recently released our updated 2016 list of Best Places for Law School Graduates. The job market has been especially tough for law school graduates in recent years. After the Great Recession, law firms laid off large numbers of young lawyers, and hiring ground to a halt – at the same time that law school […]

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  • Preschool teacher teaching her children about geography. Using globe and asking the questions. Children answering the questions. They are sitting by the table.

    2015’s Best Places to Be a Teacher in the U.S.

    Update: These rankings have been updated for 2016 here.  Teaching is often lamented as one of the most demanding (and lowest paid) professions. During the Recession, states across the country were forced to cut education funding – and with it teacher salaries. But things are looking up – especially in these 10 places. If you’re […]

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