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A teacher sits with her students in a classroom of young boys and girls drawing on one large piece of paper.

2017 Best Cities for K-12 Teachers

The school year is coming to an end at most kindergarten-12th grade schools, and many districts across the country are in the process of determining staffing plans for the coming year. That means the time is right for teachers to find a job in a new area. A recent analysis from GoodCall shows that many […]

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  • An aerial image of the city of Henderson, Nevada, with rows and rows of houses and a cloudy sky.

    2017 Safest Cities to Raise a Family

    What are the most important things that families consider when buying a home? School quality and crime rates generally top the list. With that in mind, GoodCall® analysts looked at data in the 80 largest cities in the U.S. (those with more than 250,000 residents) to determine the safest big cities to raise a family. […]

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  • Roanoke, Va., came in at No. 1 on the GoodCall list of Best Cities for New Grads.

    2017 Best Cities for New Grads

    Mid-sized cities dominate the list of top cities for recent graduates New grads might find it harder to land that first job if they aren’t willing to consider moving to a new place. But moving blindly, without considering how well the new city will fit with one’s lifestyle and preferences, could lead to months or […]

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  • unicorn-businessman

    Unicorn Breeders

    The startup economy is booming and unicorns, private companies with post-money valuations of $1 billion or more, are cropping up across the country. We took a deeper look at the entrepreneurs that built these companies and which colleges and universities shaped them for their success. What do these schools have in common? How do the […]

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  • best places for physicians to live and work

    2016 Best Places for Physicians and Surgeons

    Demand for doctors across the country is high – especially for primary care physicians – and many hospitals and practices are paying well to draw top talent to their ranks. According to a survey from physician recruiting firm Merritt Hawkins, more than 60% of final-year medical residents in 2014 said they received more than 50 […]

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  • best places for hispanic entrepreneurs

    2016’s Best Places for Hispanic Entrepreneurs

    Introduction While the economic recovery has been slower than some would like, business is booming for many Hispanic entrepreneurs. From 2007 to 2012, the number of U.S. businesses grew just 2%. However, during that same period, minority-owned businesses experienced significant growth – 38%, according to the most recent Census Bureau Survey of Business Owners. And Hispanic business […]

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  • 2016's Best Places for Women Entrepreneurs

    2016’s Best Places for Women Entrepreneurs

    Last year, GoodCall ranked 2015’s best places for women entrepreneurs. Now, we’re updating our rankings for 2016 – with help from leading experts in women’s entrepreneurship and input from women business-owners themselves. We ranked nearly 400 MSAs (metropolitan statistical areas) in 4 categories to determine which areas are best overall for women entrepreneurs. The top 5 places for women entrepreneurs in 2016 are 1. Victoria, TX; […]

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    2016’s Best Places for Law School Graduates

    After a rough few years, it seems like the job outlook for law school grads may finally be hitting its stride. While there’s still no guarantee that today’s law school grads will find a high-paying job in the legal field, their chances are better than in years past – due in part to declining law […]

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  • 2016's Best Places for First Responders (2)

    2016’s Best Places for First Responders to Live and Work

    First responders are an integral part of every community – especially when it comes to keeping people safe. Firefighters, EMTs and paramedics, police officers and sheriff’s patrol officers are the first ones on the scene in emergencies, often putting their own lives on the line to protect their neighbors. And that can be a stressful […]

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  • 2016's (2)

    2016’s Best Cities for K-12 Teachers to Live and Work

    Summer vacation is either here or right around the corner for most school districts across the country. And for many teachers, that means a well-deserved break. In 2015, we wrote about how teaching is one of the most demanding (and lowest-paid) professions. However, according to teachers, it’s also one of the most rewarding. According to recent studies, […]

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    Google Searches for “529 Plans”, “College Scholarships” Decline as Student Debt Levels Reach Highest Point Ever

    It’s no secret that student debt is a huge problem for today’s graduates. According to the most recent numbers, the U.S. holds $1.23 trillion in total student loan debt, spread out over 43.3 million borrowers. The average class of 2016 graduate has $37,172 in student debt, up 6% from 2015. What’s more? Student loans have […]

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