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When you need corporate relocation services, there’s a lot to sort through. Moving people and equipment and everything else to keep your business running smoothly from Point A to Point B can be tricky. Remember, those electronics house your records and client lists, so they’re vital to reopening after a relocation. That’s why you need specialized help.

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Investigate which mover suits you

When you’re moving your business – and its employees – to a new location, you face a lot of decisions related to relocation services you need. Moving people is one thing – moving the contents of an office and perhaps a warehouse is another. You need corporate relocations services that can minimize the downtime for your business.

One tip: Advanced planning is one thing that makes for the best relocation services. Many corporate movers recommend starting the process at least four months before you wish to complete the relocation. Services are available for shorter times, of course.

The best corporate relocation services will involve your IT team as well.

Corporate Relocation Services

When relocating individuals, moving companies consider factors including the distance of a move and the weight of the items being transported when arriving at a quote. This can be true for corporate moves as well. Other options you should look for include the following:

Relocation Agent

The best relocation companies will assign a relocation agent to every client. That gives the business and the business mover a single point of contact for planning and any questions that come up during the process. That helps keep the move as uncomplicated as possible, helping your company save time.

Time Awareness

Most corporate mover services recommend scheduling a business move both mid-week and mid-month. The reason: moving at the beginning and end of the month usually has accounting consequences for a company. A mid-week move also helps minimize downtime, which means your business will save money.

Another Time Hint

When do people move? The peak season is from May to September; parents opt for this time period to minimize the effect on their children’s education. If you can plan your corporate move from October to April, you’ll have a greater choice of mover services available. Offseason moves also can be cheaper.

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How it Works

Don’t get sidetracked when it comes to corporate relocation services. GoodCall can help you find a moving company that can get you and your company’s workers to the new location and settled in no time. Start the ball rolling with three simple steps and avoid costly downtime.

Outline your goals

Let us know your destination, your timeframe and how many employees you’re moving. Give us other facts that might be specific to your move. The more information you provide, the more precise your estimate.

Settle on an Option

We’ll evaluate the details you give us about your corporate relocation and then provide it to some of the country’s top moving companies to get their prices for the relocation. You evaluate the quotes and decide which works for your budget.

Pick the Data

Once you study the details of each corporate relocation proposal, you can pick the one that’s best for your company and employees. That way, all you have to worry about is getting established in the new location.

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