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Moving companies are not all alike. Full-service companies send packers and movers to your home to take most of the work of relocation off your plate. Remember, when you’re looking for moving help, friends and family members aren’t always the best option.

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Find the right moving companies for you

A common plea from many who are moving: Help me find which of the moving companies near me is right for my move. That depends on what you’re looking for.

Do you want to consider moving companies that will complete their services by:

  • Allow you to rent a truck that you’ll pack and drive?
  • Drive the truck for you after you pack it, also leaving you to unpack it on the other end?
  • Load and unload furniture, appliances, and boxes that you pack, and transport your belongings?
  • Disassembling and reassembling furniture?

Those are just some of the options you have when you seek moving quotes from local movers or long-distance moving companies.

Full-Service Moving Help

Moving quotes generally are based on the weight of your possessions, the distance you’re moving, and how much you want the company to do for you. But there are factors you should look for, including:

Moving Consultant

Many of the top moving companies will assign you a personal moving consultant. This is especially helpful when you sign up for full-service moves. Why? Because it will give you a single point of contact for any type of issue that comes up during the process – to secure the moving help you need you won’t have to spend time being transferred from department to department and explaining your issue or question.

Packing Boxes

Hiring packers and movers can really expedite the process by taking major physical labor off your plate during the moving process. Their expertise allows them to know how to systematically pack possessions from a room into boxes that will be easy to move and unpack. That gives you the time you need to focus on such things as setting up utilities and changing your address with the post office and family members.

Packing a Truck

Again, save your back and shoulders from some heavy lifting, and save your mind from thinking about how to pack the moving truck. Everyone knows big appliances – refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc. – go in the front of the truck, but what comes next? Should boxes for designated rooms stay together? Let the professional packers and movers make the right decisions for you based on your input.

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How it Works

Confused by the options for hiring moving companies? Don’t be. Count on GoodCall to help you identify the right choice among the available moving companies. You can set up your move in three simple steps

Describe the Move

Tell us where you’re moving, how much stuff you have, and when you need to move. When it comes to pricing, the more information you provide, the more accurate the estimate.

Evaluate Choices

With the information you provide about your move, you’ll get moving quotes from some leading moving companies. You can compare options for services and prices for full-service and other moves before you commit.

Schedule Your Move

After sorting through proposals from the moving companies, select the one that sounds like the best fit for your move – whether it’s across the city, state, nation, or ocean. Then set the date and get out of the way.

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