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“How do I find moving companies near me?” That’s a common question when people are making local moves. But a better first question might be the following: “What do I need from a local mover?” If you want a local mover that can pack your stuff, load it, transport it, and unload it, you need a different kind of local mover than if you’re just renting a truck. With GoodCall, you can find the right moving services for your move.

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If you need a full-service local mover…

Even local moves present a hassle; there’s all that stuff you need to do like changing your mailing address and moving utilities, including internet and TV service. So if you want a less stressful experience with a full-service local mover, no one here is going to judge you. The right local moving company will do as much of the work as you want. Be sure to get a free estimate of those services. Several factors weigh into the cost, including the weight of the possessions you’re moving – so you won’t get any surprises on moving day.

Not happy with the cost? Consider packing the boxes yourself. That can cut the price significantly; now you only need the local moving company to load the truck, transport your stuff, and unload it into your new place. Just be sure to label boxes by room and by the order you should unpack them. Want to go further down the do-it-yourself path for your local move? You can reserve a truck – most local moving companies will help you figure out the right size.

Remember to speak with friends, family, and neighbors to get recommendations for local moving companies, too. Get the benefit of as much knowledge as possible; then move on to make your selection.

How it Works

Find moving companies in your area and compare your options in a few easy steps.


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Tell us where and when you’re moving and how much stuff you need to move. This helps make your quote more accurate.


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See your options for full-service movers, shipping and more, and evaluate quotes for the estimated cost of the move.


Plan Your Move

Once you’ve decided on a local mover that fits your needs, contact the company and schedule your move.

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The Right Options for Your Move

Not sure what moving services you need? That's okay - you've got options.

Option 1

Full Service

Get help with every step of your move, from packing and unpacking to appliance installation and more.

Option 2

You Pack It, We Ship It

Pack your belongings yourself, and have them quickly and securely transported to your new home.

Option 3

Truck Rental

More of a do-it-yourself mover? Get information about moving truck rentals, great for moves of any size or budget.

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Not sure what moving services you need? That's okay - you've got options.

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