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Got a long-distance move coming up? You don’t have to do it alone. From full-service movers to shipping, GoodCall® helps you evaluate the right options for every kind of move. Compare long-distance movers, get quotes for estimated pricing, contact moving companies and more – all in one place.

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What a long-distance mover can deliver

Moving out-of-state or moving across country presents unique challenges. Count on interstate moving companies to make the process go smoother and get you to your new location with minimal disruption.

But with so many movers making so many claims about how their service is the best, how do you filter through the noise to find the right long-distance moving company? That’s where GoodCall comes in: by making sure you know about some of your options.

Options for Long-Distance Moves

At GoodCall®, you can find everything from full-service movers to truck rentals. Which options are best for long-distance moves?

Full-Service Movers

The easiest option for a long-distance move? Full-service movers. They’ll handle everything from packing and unpacking to transportation to furniture assembly, appliance installation and more.

You Pack, We Ship

Want to pack yourself, but don’t want to worry about long-distance transportation? Explore your options for shipping and get your belongings sent safely and securely to your new home.

Moving Truck Rentals

Want total control of the process? You can pack and transport your belongings yourself for your long-distance move. Get information about truck and van rentals you can pack and unload yourself and return the moving truck in your new location.

Where to start with long-distance movers

Many long-distance moving companies understand that you might not be sure how to proceed. That’s why they offer the services of personal moving consultants to help you figure things out. The consultant isn’t a sales agent – he or she will genuinely find out which services you really need to handle moving out of state.

Plus, your consultant will be your point of contact with the company throughout the move. You won’t have to waste time being transferred from person to person when you have an issue to discuss with your long-distance movers.

How to Make Your Choice

It's easy to get started with your long-distance move. Just follow these steps:

Tell Us About Your Move

Tell us where you are and where you’re moving, when you’re moving and how much stuff you need to move. This helps us give you more accurate information.

Compare Your Options

Compare your options for full-service movers, shipping, storage containers, and more, and get quotes for the estimated cost of your move.

Schedule Your Move

Once you compare those options, pick the long-distance moving company that meets your needs and work with it to schedule your move.

Make Your Long-Distance Move Easier

No matter how far you're moving, the right moving company can make all the difference. Click below to see your options for moving companies!

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