Make your move simpler with moving containers.

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, you can get storage that goes where you go. Moving containers are a great option to ship your belongings when you move or to store extra belongings during the moving process.

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International Moving Without Intrigue

Moving containers have become a popular way to get your possessions moved, especially for local moves, and they’re also good to get stuff to another state or across the country. Simply load them up, lock them – you keep the key – and ship them. You don’t have to worry about driving a truck or making sure your stuff is secure. Costs vary by container size, vendor and distance transported, but can range from about $500 to $5,000.

How Moving Containers Work

You can use moving containers for long-distance or local moves, shipping, or storage. Here’s how it works:

Pick Your Container

There are different moving container options depending on whether you’re moving long-distance or locally, how much you need to move, and how long you’ll need it. Experts can help you decide on the best option for you.

Pack Your Things

Once you choose the right moving container option, one will be shipped to your home. You can pack it with your belongings at your convenience – when you’re ready, your mobile storage company will pick up your container.

Ship it to Your Home

After your moving container is picked up, it will be shipped - quickly, safely and securely - to your new home. Next? Just unpack your stuff and get settled in! When your done, your moving company will retrieve your container.

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Use moving containers for storage, too.

Another great use for moving containers is storage. Sometimes you can’t unload everything right away – particularly if you’re moving to interim housing while you secure a permanent location. Storage companies also can help if you need this service. What should you look for if you opt for longer-term storage? Consider the following:

Easy access

Check out several storage facilities to make sure you’ll still have easy access to your possessions. Just because you’re storing things doesn’t mean you want to forget about them.


Extreme temperatures – high or low – could damage your belongings while they’re being stored. Make sure the storage companies you consider can accommodate a range of conditions.


You want your stuff to be there when you come back for it. Make sure safe storage is paramount for any moving and storage companies on your list.

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