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Lining up a truck rental sounds easy compared with packing and moving boxes and other activities associated with relocation. But making the right moving truck rental decision can be critical to your move.

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How to Make The Truck Rental Choice

As mentioned above, renting a truck sounds easy. But when you contact a moving truck rental, suddenly things aren’t so simple. You’ll have to figure out the size rental moving truck you need. If you choose a vehicle that’s too small, you won’t be able to get everything you’re moving in it. Too large, and you’re paying extra for capacity you don’t need, and your belongings could shift too much on the way.

Luckily, GoodCall can help figure out what size moving trucks to consider and give you a line of moving boxes, moving blankets, and other moving supplies you might need.

Truck Rental Services

Obviously, it all starts with the truck that you need to get your things from your old location to your new house or apartment. But moving truck rental businesses usually offer more than just trucks.

Moving supplies

Even if you plan to most of your move by yourself, you probably don’t have all the supplies you might need to pull it off. What supplies can you get from a truck rental company? Look for moving boxes, moving blankets and other packing supplies – even tape. If you have oversized possessions that don’t fit in standard boxes but still need protection, you likely can get moving crates from your truck rental service.

Moving containers

Many moving truck rental companies also can supply you with moving containers that you can have shipped to your new location. What’s the advantage of moving containers? For one thing, security. You’re the person holding the key. Costs, of course, can vary greatly depending on the vendor, container size you need and the distance they need to be shipped. It’s storage that goes where you

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How it Works

Think a truck rental or moving containers rental is your best choice? Book early to make sure you get what’s needed. Here are some other tips:

Give Us the Facts

Check out several storage facilities to make sure you’ll still have easy access to your possessions. Just because you’re storing things doesn’t mean you want to forget about them.

Review the Choices

Extreme temperatures – high or low – could damage your belongings while they’re being stored. Make sure the storage companies you consider can accommodate a range of conditions.

Schedule a Truck

One thing to remember about a truck rental: You’ll be asked about insurance. Most car insurance doesn’t cover trucks over a specified weight. So make that decision, set the date and get ready to move.

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