Few Surprises Among Report’s Hot and Emerging Jobs for 2017

Posted By Terri Williams on February 20, 2017 at 8:46 am
Few Surprises Among Report’s Hot and Emerging Jobs for 2017

Hiring trends. Job outlook. Projected job openings. These are key phrases that college students should consider when deciding on a field of study. Hot jobs typically have growth rates that exceed the national average or at least 100,000 job openings. Emerging jobs are usually the result of technological advancements, legal or social changes, or transformative business processes.

Randstad’s 2017 Hot Jobs report, based on data from the company’s recruiting experts, lists the hot and emerging jobs in several categories. However, GoodCall® lists only the jobs that require a degree.

Industry Hot Jobs/Emerging Jobs and Mid Salary Range
Information Technology Full Stack Developer: $122,650
Security Engineer: $129,000
Big Data Engineer: $140,900
Emerging Jobs
VR/AR Engineer: $121,000
IoT Engineer: $144,650
Engineering Validation Engineer: $99,750
Construction Project Manager: $89,100
Controls Engineer: $93,550
Emerging Jobs
Robotics Engineer: $105,400
Embedded Engineer: $120,750
Human Resources HR Generalist/Business Partner: $68,266
HR Manager/Director: $109,164
Comp & Benefits Manager $118,210
Learning & Development Specialists: $65,000
Recruitment Specialist: $68,395
Finance and Accounting Accountant: $66,295
Analyst: $87,524
Manager $114,209
Auditor $132,810
Controller (VP of Finance) $177,300
Life Sciences Medical Writer: $77,283
Clinical Study Manager: $107,121
Drug Safety Associate: $70,083
Regulatory Manager: $116,896
Clinical Research Associate: 67,841


GoodCall® asked Randstad’s expert in each respective area to explain what’s fueling demand for these jobs.

Hot and emerging jobs: Information technology

“The rapid growth in technological advancements and innovation has led to an increased need for a wide variety of IT roles, particularly in tech-savvy markets,” according to Dino Grigorakakis, vice president of Randstad Technologies. He tells GoodCall® that positions in Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) are some of the most popular positions. “However, demand across the board for jobs in this industry has never been higher and it is no surprise that the IT market has a lower unemployment rate than the national average.”

Security engineers are also in high demand as research reveals a critical need for cybersecurity experts.


“The post-recession boom, as well as advances in technology, have largely driven evolution in the engineering field and created a demand for positions,” says Richard Zambacca, president of Randstad Engineering. As more facilities become energy efficient, combined with a constant stream of construction projects, Zambacca tells GoodCall® there’s strong demand for qualified engineers.

“With over 118,000 engineering positions available today across the U.S. and the industry’s employment rate well below the national average, there is a lot of competition for these professionals,” Zambacca says.

Human resources

“Economic growth has played a significant role in the increase of human resource jobs. As organizations grow, so do their needs for new talent,” Jodi Chavez, president of Randstad Professionals tells GoodCall®. “Companies look to HR professionals to anticipate business needs, assist with talent management and help organizations achieve their business objectives.”

Heather R. Huhman, founder and president of Come Recommended, a job search and HR tech PR firm, tells GoodCall® that human resources used to be considered a boring profession, perceived to involve little more than leading orientation for new hires and filing tax forms. “But the rise of innovative HR technology now allows HR professionals to focus their efforts on a multitude of things, from tracking down top talent to keeping that talent happy and engaged once hired.”

Recent research reveals that employees will be easy to lose and hard to hire in 2017, so these professionals have their work cut out for them.

And with such job titles as head of people operations and HR business partner, Huhman says professionals are able to pursue new HR areas and also focus on strategy and data analysis. “In other words, the possibilities for the HR professional are now nearly endless, thanks to advancements in technology.”

Finance and accounting

“With the rebounding economy, many companies and organizations continue to grow and see increased profits,” according to Chavez. Finance and accounting employees play a vital role in a variety of financial aspects ranging from planning and budgeting to operations. “Candidates with general ledger software skills, public accounting experience, and bilingual capabilities are in high demand with employers in this field.”

Life sciences

“The pharmaceutical and life sciences industry has largely experienced a talent shortage in recent years,” says John M. Ebeid, vice president of Randstad Life Sciences. He tells GoodCall® that a consistent increase in the number of clinical and drug studies is fueling the demand for candidates who are experienced and qualified.

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