GoodCall News Editorial Guidelines

At GoodCall, we believe in producing high-quality content that informs our readers about issues that are important to them. To ensure we achieve that goal, we hold ourselves to these editorial guidelines:

Accuracy and objectivity

  • News articles must uphold strict standards of accuracy and objectivity. The integrity of a piece may never be compromised by a source’s influence or an author’s opinion.
  • News articles must not promote or endorse any product, business or individual. Any assessments of products or businesses must be unbiased and based in fact.
  • Authors may not receive compensation from any product, business or individual they discuss in an article.
  • News articles must be written with the intent of honest reporting and fact-checked for accuracy.
  • GoodCall News does not publish guest posts, advertorials, or sponsored content in any form.


  • News articles must be written originally for GoodCall and may not have been previously published elsewhere.
  • News articles may not rehash existing stories; they must find a unique spin or take a new angle on a topic.
  • Authors must properly cite all sources, including the original source of all data and quotes.


  • GoodCall adheres to a struct “no fluff” policy. Articles must cover news, current events and recent data in the higher education, student debt and college finance spaces, both locally and across the United States.
  • Authors must use legitimate sources that provide accurate, up-to-date information.
  • News articles must translate news and information into practical implications and actionable advice for families and consumers.
  • Authors and editors must update news articles to reflect new information or correct inaccuracies.