How We Make Money

At GoodCall, we’re all about openness and transparency – and that includes our finances.

We are funded in large part through an investment from Red Ventures, a marketing and technology company located just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina dedicated to improving higher education and career training for young adults. GoodCall is one of several initiatives that Red Ventures supports in the education space. Others include Golden Door Scholars, which provides four-year college scholarships to undocumented students, and Code2Hire, a program that helps train high school graduates in the fields of web design and development.

We also run ads to help support our efforts at GoodCall News, where we have a large team of writers who investigate and report on higher education news and policy. These ads will always remain distinct and easily distinguishable from our content, and we will never receive compensation to promote any product, business or individual in a news article. You can read more about our editorial guidelines here.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at team [at] goodcall [dot] com.