Survey Pinpoints States Americans Find Most Desirable – and Least Desirable

Posted By Marisa Sanfilippo on February 21, 2017 at 8:29 am
Survey Pinpoints States Americans Find Most Desirable – and Least Desirable

The question was simple: At the height of summer and dead of winter, what state would you most like to live in? California came in as most desirable in the survey of 1,000 Americans by Unique Indoor Comfort and Cooling. People want to move there during both winter and summer. The least desirable? Wyoming and Missouri won that dubious honor.

“Obviously California is hugely popular, but we got a kick out of seeing how people who reside in states within the Mountain region are more enticed by the Pacific Coast the closer they get,” says Josh Henrich, operations manager of Unique Indoor.

Former Indiana resident Mike Wood (as seen around the web for his work with his company Legal Morning) packed up his family and moved to Southern California two years ago. “Despite the complaints about the high cost of living, California has everything I have ever wanted,” he says. “There are big cities, mountains, and tons of choices for recreation. There is more to do and even more places to visit. It is also one of the most diverse places I have ever been so I get to experience so many different cultures without having to leave the area.”

Wood notes that the weather is what initially attracted him (and what attracts most people) to California. “California weather is likely one of the most coveted states in the United States. It can be hot in the summer, but very tolerable in the winter. In SoCal, I don’t have to brush snow off my car or battle ice at intersections. This is likely why 43 percent of respondents of the poll from Massachusetts want to live in California during the winter.”

Many find Washington among most desirable

Washington is one of the five states that made the cut as most desirable to live in during the summer. John Cooper, president and CEO of Washington’s Yakima Valley Tourism, says, “In Washington you can find a temperate rain forest, rugged coastlines, culturally diverse communities and urban scenes, wonderful islands, magnificent mountains for hiking and skiing, high deserts, a world calls wine country with acres of vineyards bordered by rolling wheat fields.”

On the other hand, real estate broker and 42-year resident Lance Marrs of Living Room Realty in Portland, Ore., believes his state is not getting enough credit. The poll found that 50 percent of Oregon residents want to be home in summer. Prior to living in Oregon, Marr lived in New York City for eight years and California for two years.

“My family came from Europe and eventually settled in Eastern Oregon. Our state offers a wide variety of potential lifestyles. Living in Portland we are fortunate to have nationally recognized restaurants, housewares shops that cater to seemingly every homeowner’s needs and wants, forward-minded residents who care about the environment, and city aesthetics. I could go on and on as I love my city,” he says.

While it does rain a lot in Portland, he notes that it’s not a deterrent for locals when in fact they frown upon umbrellas.

The least desirable for summer

That’s great for the most desirable states. But Missouri came in as one the least desirable states to live in during the summer. Catherine Brock, owner and editor of the fashion blog Budget Fashionista, resides in the state and believes it was considered least desirable because of its summer heat and humidity.

“Sometimes, the summer days can be so hot and uncomfortable that you just don’t want to go outside,” she notes. “I’m not sure how you improve the weather, but people judge Missouri weather more by its extremes than its norms. In my experience, those terrible hot days are usually the exception (except for 2012 which had an extended heat streak).”

Brock went on to note that what people don’t appreciate nearly enough about Missouri is its easy access to nature/wildlife and to free or low-cost events, which should make it among the most desirable. “There are many parks, lakes, trails and woods that are easy to get to. St. Louis and other communities also host many fun community events,” she adds.

Unlike Wood, Brock moved away from California.

“I was actually born and raised in Southern California and moved to St. Louis about five years ago. Certainly SoCal wins out on weather over Missouri but I’ll take four seasons over stop-n-go traffic on the 405 any day. California has amazing wildlife and nature too, but you can’t enjoy it unless you want to spend hours in the car getting there and back.”

For complete poll results on the least and most desirable states, visit Unique Indoor Comfort’s website

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