GoodCall brings consumers and brands together for more meaningful conversations.

Founded in January 2015, GoodCall was born from the idea that in an increasingly complex marketplace, consumers deserve access to the information and resources they need to make educated decisions. We provide consumers with those resources, and we make it easier for them to research the products and services they’re interested in.

We’re applying our knowledge and resources to help make college more affordable.

Students are consumers, too. And deciding where to go to college (not to mention how to pay for it) is one of the most important choices they’ll ever make. We apply our experience with data and technology to give students access to the same important tools and resources, so they can make that decision a smart one.

Check out our scholarship search tool for one example of how we’re making college more affordable & accessible.

“With the average cost of a 4 year degree topping nearly $130,000, it is more important than ever that families have at their disposal the tools they need to make college more affordable.”
Eppie Vojt, Founder, GoodCall

Our Experts

We pride ourselves on having a smart team with a wide range of academic and professional experience. They’re happy to supply quotes, expert interviews, or data to reporters covering a variety of topics:

Eppie Vojt
Eppie Vojt
Education: BA in Political Science, University of Pittsburgh
Topic Areas: Business, Intrpreneurship, Marketing, Careers
Carrie Wiley
Carrie Wiley
Education: BA in English, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Topic Areas: Education, Personal Finance
Paul Southerland
Paul Southerland
Education: BS in Marketing, BA in Strategic Communication, High Point University
Topic Areas: Education, Marketing
Monica Harvin
Monica Harvin
Education: BA in History, University of Florida, MA in Latin American Studies, UCLA
Topic Areas: Education, Diversity in Education

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