Data science group GoodCall launches Scholarship Application Calculator; shows students how many scholarships they need to apply for

Charlotte-based group of analysts launch new tool using data science to estimate how many scholarships students should apply for in order to pay for college.

CHARLOTTE, N.C.,- GoodCall, a company that develops data-driven scholarship tools, announced the launch of their Scholarship Application Calculator, which calculates the number of scholarships students should apply for in order to offset the cost of college.

“We hear it all the time- one of the biggest frustrations for students when applying for scholarships is feeling like they don’t have a real chance of winning,” says Eppie Vojt, founder of GoodCall. “The Scholarship Application Calculator gives students a clear game plan based on a data-backed probability model.”

Inputs for GoodCall’s probability model include survey results from scholarship providers, highlighting the correlation between scholarship award amount, entry difficulty, and number of applications received. The model also considers the percentage of applications likely to be “on prompt” and satisfy all of the eligibility criteria.

Users enter just a few pieces of information and are able to see GoodCall’s recommendation of the number- and type- of scholarships they should apply for in order to maximize their chances of earning enough to pay for college.

“So often students will focus on one high-payout scholarship application, where the competition level is high and their chances of winning are bleak,” says Vojt. “The Scholarship Application Calculator spells out the exact number of low vs. high competition scholarships they should apply for in order to maximize their chances of winning.”

GoodCall’s scholarship search engine, launched earlier in the year, assigns a competition score to each scholarship listed on Students can sort through scholarship opportunities based on the competition level, award amount and other criteria.

“We want to make it easier for families to find the private scholarship money they need to help pay for college,” says Vojt. “Our tools are driven by real world data and are 100% free and open to every user- never behind paywalls or requiring personal information to be disclosed.”

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