Why Schools Trust GoodCall

GoodCall makes scholarship money easier to find and win.

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Is there a cost for students to use GoodCall?

No. There is never a cost to students or their families to use GoodCall. Our scholarship listings are free and do not even require user registration.

How do I contact someone at GoodCall.com for more information?

The best way to reach us is via email, at finaid@goodcall.com. You can also tweet us @TeamGoodCall

How does GoodCall help protect students from scholarship scams?

GoodCall uses proprietary search technology to identify and exclude potential scholarship scams from GoodCall.com listings. These include questionable scholarship opportunities that require students to pay an application fee and/or provide their Social Security numbers and other private information.

Where do the GoodCall listings come from?

GoodCall uses proprietary search technology to uncover the largest number of scholarships available to students today. We scour the web so that students don’t have to, verify the credibility of each scholarship and compile the customizable results on GoodCall.com in an easy-to-use format.

Is GoodCall compensated for featuring the scholarships listed on GoodCall.com?

No. GoodCall does not receive compensation for any scholarship listings on GoodCall.com. GoodCall also does not sell advertising or personal customer information collected on the website. The GoodCall mission is simply to free scholarship information for students and their families.

We already provide a list of available scholarships to students. Why should we add GoodCall?

Maintaining your own list of active scholarships can be a tedious task, not to mention removing them from your site once deadlines have passed. Let GoodCall help. We list thousands of active private scholarships, so you can focus on maintaining your internal scholarship list. We also use proprietary technology to weed out potential scholarship scams to help keep your students safe.

Can I add my school’s scholarships to the GoodCall database?

GoodCall aggregates and publishes thousands of school-sponsored scholarships in the GoodCall database that have been collected from post-secondary school websites across the country. Chances are, your scholarships are already here. In upcoming months, we will be giving financial aid professionals the capability to edit and add additional school-sponsored scholarships to GoodCall.com. If you wish to be notified when this capability becomes available, please email finaid@goodcall.com.

Does GoodCall require users to provide their email addresses and other personal contact information?

No. Students can access our entire database of verified scholarship listings without having to disclose any personal information. Students who wish to use our enhanced service do have the option of supplying their email address to create a customized scholarship profile. They can then take advantage of our full suite of tools that will help them find opportunities that match their experience and preference. These tools are provided free of charge and will always remain so.