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A Goodcall Story

Goodcall, founded by Bob Summers, emerged from CallJoy, a project dedicated to bringing conversational AI to small businesses. Summers’ mission is to democratize AI by offering tools that boost growth and streamline operations for local businesses. Goodcall’s AI phone assistants help businesses manage customer interactions, appointments, and other tasks more efficiently, enabling small businesses to focus on their core operations while providing excellent customer service​ (Goodcall)​​ (Microsoft for Startups | Microsoft)​.

How Goodcall Works

Teach Your Agent Skills

Use skills to teach your agent how to respond to common caller questions.

🎓 Teach your agent anything with your own custom skills
✅ Off the shelf skill templates ready to go in a few clicks
🚀 Combine skills to create deeper customer engagement
👋🏼 Optimize customer experience with custom greetings
💰 Grow revenue by texting your website (ie: bookings & shop)

An AI-Powered Phone number

A Goodcall number links your AI agent to real-world calls.

📞 Your agent answers calls 24-7 / 365 and is never busy
📈 Understand your callers with detailed analysis
🎙 Capture the detail in every call, they're all recorded
🌐 Forward calls or connect to Google Voice
✋🏻 Places callers on hold when your line is busy
🚫 Say goodbye to spam calls

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Goodcall By The Numbers



Businesses trust Goodcall agents



Minutes handled by Goodcall Agents monthly



Average Increase in Bookings/Revenue generation

Trusted By 10,000 + Local Businesses

Companies Like Yours Use Goodcall to Unlock Growth

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