Unlock growth with an AI phone assistant that sets up in minutes

Works with:
Google Voice
High Level
Service Titan
Housecall Pro. Zenoti

Extract value from every call - effortlessly with an AI Phone Assistant.

Goodcall’s customizable Al can be tailored to any kind of business in seconds. It’s never busy, captures leads, answers common questions, books appointments, and more.

For Every Business

Streamline calls 24/7, Teach your agent skills, drive revenue, captures leads, and grow your business

For Home Services

Your AI phone assistant schedules appointments, enhances customer service, and manages quote requests.

For Beauty/Salons

Your AI phone assistant handles bookings, call forwarding, message taking, pricing, and more

The AI phone assistant that elevates your business while you service the community

Seamlessly integrate Goodcall into your business - saving time, enhancing service, & driving revenue. ZERO CODE REQUIRED.

Train your agent

Teach your agent custom skills that are tailored to your customers needs! You agent learns in seconds and never forgets.

Custom responses

Trigger custom agent responses based on your customers most common questions.

AI lights the way

Your agent can suggest skills and responses based on your business type.


Trigger automation templates to optimize your businesses workflows in seconds.

Connect Goodcall to your CRM

Easily connect Goodcall to your CRM turning your agent into a lead gen powerhouse!

Talk to your agent

Your agent can take calls, chat, and speak with you directly making it easy to take it for a test run before skyrocketing your business.

Join 10,000+ companies harnessing the power of GPT-driven phone assistance.

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