How Bye Junk Increased Revenue By $2,500 In 30 Days.

"We seen our lead volume double since activating Goodcall and Yelp. We've been able to increase our monthly revenue by $2,500 in just 30 days.”

-Tony Carrillo, Owner at Bye Junk Sewickley, PA


Amplified Inbound Leads

Thanks to Goodcall's collaboration with Yelp, Bye Junk effectively funneled leads to their business, both online and through phone calls, capturing a remarkable 41 leads that would have otherwise slipped away.

Enhanced Call Tracking

Leveraging message-taking capabilities to understand customer needs while in the field, Bye Junk doubled their lead intake, ensuring no valuable opportunities were overlooked.

Impressive Returns

Through effective utilization of every opportunity, including missed calls, Bye Junk experienced a substantial revenue increase of $2,500 within the first 30 days!

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BYE JUNK! is a family-owned, full-service junk removal company in Pittsburgh, PA. They take pride in excellent customer service, leadership, accountability, honesty, and respect. Their team of professionals can handle any job, no matter how big or small. They specialize in all types of junk removal including residential and commercial, appliances, furniture, and more.


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Automated responses increase data reliability


Bye Junk's Dilemma: Unleash the power of missed calls, amplify lead generation, and streamline digital ad bookings.


Bye Junk joined forces with Goodcall and Yelp to introduce AI-powered lead capture, elevating customer calls through notifications, support, and lightning-fast quoting.


The outcome? An impressive 41+ leads, 5 bookings, and a notable $2,500 revenue boost in the first month. Leads keep flowing in, and they’re actively cultivating relationships with our fresh wave of prospective customers.

“Goodcall has allowed us to capture over 41 leads and increase our sales by over $2,500 dollars in just 30 Days. We're thankful to have Goodcall on our team.”

-Tony Carrillo, Owner at Bye Junk Sewickley, PA

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