How Midnight Cookie Co. uses Goodcall to drive growth and support.

"One call can make your entire business better and Goodcall unlocks that power. Goodcall is built for the modern business.”

-Manish Gaudi, CEO  Midnight Cookie Co. Seattle, WA


Ineffective Call Handling

Pre-Goodcall, customer calls slipped through the cracks of the old system, left unattended and unnoticed.

Enhanced Transparency

Thanks to Goodcall, Midnight Cookie Co. now receives real-time alerts for crucial calls, comprehends customer needs, and swiftly addresses important matters, resulting in a call-back time of less than 15 minutes.

Unleashed Potential

Every call wields the potential to transform the entire business landscape. With Goodcall, Midnight Cookie Co. harnessed the power of each call, efficiently understanding and catering to customer needs, unlocking valuable opportunities.

About Midnight Cookie Co

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At Midnight Cookie Co., we pride ourselves in baking tasty cookies for the Seattle-area community.  Stop in at one of our seven locations (Wallingford, Kirkland, Everett, downtown Seattle, Bellevue, and Redmond), or order cookies through one of our delivery partners.



Automated responses increase data reliability


Midnight Cookie Co. Faced the challenge of customer understanding and effective call management across multiple locations.


They rolled out Goodcall agents across multiple locations to expertly track inbound calls, address customer needs, identify sales opportunities, and much more.


Handling calls became a smooth process, elevating customer satisfaction. Goodcall agents delivered an astounding 12x ROI on activated calls, with a solid 74% Interaction Rate on over 7,000 calls.

“One call can make your entire business better and Goodcall unlocks that power.”

--Manish Gaudi, CEO  Midnight Cookie Co. Seattle, WA

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